The best in the west (we've been told)! Our full-service ice cream shoppe offers scrumptious treats made with the finest ingredients. Before or after a game of mini golf, or just in the mood, induldge your wildest cravings! Guaranteed to bring on the smiles!

Ice-Cream Shoppe

We have your flavor!

  • Featuring Wilcoxson's ice cream — the best dairy in the region
  • 24 flavor choices in the height of the season
  • Pecan Praline, Graham Slam, Huckleberry, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Stuck in a Rut, Birthday Cake, Sherberts, and more
  • 24 additional flavors in soft-serve

Must try!

  • Our jumbo-scoop — weighs in at nearly half a pound of ice cream
  • Waffle cones — plain, chocolate or vanilla dipped, with sprinkes or nuts
  • Sundaes — with mounds of toppings to choose from, hot fudge, caramel, peanut butter, nuts, sprinkes, candy, strawberries, and more

Best in town!

  • Shakes & malts
  • It takes 3/4 of a pound to do it right

Choose Your Indulgence!

  • Build your own gargantuan banana split
  • Hot fudge, marshmallow, nuts, cherries, sprinkles — go bananas!
  • A treat fit for King Kong